Tuition Assistance:
St. Jakobi contributes toward the tuition of every member that goes to
, or at Concordia University if your student is majoring in a church-work field. Don’t let tuition
be a stumbling block to a Lutheran school education. Talk to Pastor if you would like assistance or have questions.
Tuition Tax Deduction
Are you aware that there is a Tuition Tax Deduction which allows parentsto deduct private and religious
school tuition in an amount up to $4,000 for each child in grades K-8, and up to $10,000 for each child
in grades 9-12? Be sure to keep this in mind as you move forward with your taxes.
If your child is interested in attending Camp Luther this
summer they can receive $50.00 towards Camp if they
have 80% attendance or better coming to Sunday school
including the Christmas program practice. If you have any
questions, please contact one of the Board of Ed
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All 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grade students are to attend  Confirmation class.  This teaches children the basics of  the Christian faith as learned from the Bible and the  Small Catechism.  Upon completion of the classes, 8th  grade students are confirmed and receive Holy  Communion for the first time. Confirmation Day is June 4th 2017  The Examination of the Confirmands will take place on Ascension Day, May 25th
Sunday School  meets every Sunday, September through May 10:30am-11:30am Sunday School Coordinator: Wendy Kroenke
Nine high school youth, Carol Magee, Mark Buettner and Pastor Kleinschmidt attended the Higher Things Youth Conference entitled “Bread of Life” on the campus of the University of Northern Iowa July 5th-8th. 2016.  They heard in the worship services and the large group gatherings of the many ways that Jesus is the Bread of Life. As Christians we receive Jesus and he sustains us in both body and soul. The one thing needful, in this life and the next, is Jesus, the Bread of Life.
Higher Things Youth Conference 2017 High School Youth will be going to the Higher Things Youth Conference on the campus of the Valparaiso University, July 25th-28th. We have eight youth and three adults attending this year. The theme is Here I Stand. The speakers are Rev. George Borghardt and Rev. Matt Richard. There are also breakout sessions where the youth will be able to choose different topics about faith and life to learn about. There will be time for fun too. Please pray for these youth that they would have safe travels and deepen in their love for Jesus Christ.
Youth Instruction/Confirmation